staffing service

Staffing Service

Staffing is an integral part of human resource management. It facilitates procurement and placement of right people on the right jobs

Nature of Staffing:

 Managerial function of staffing involves manning the organisational structure through effective and proper selection, appraisal, and development of personnel to fill the roles designed into the structure. . Staffing function is concerned with training and development of human resources. It is of utmost importance for the organisation that right kinds of people are employed.

AOA makes Staffing people centered and is relevant in all types of organisations. It is concerned with all categories of an organisation.


  • Blue collar workers (i.e., those working on the machines and engaged in loading, unloading etc.) and white collar workers (i.e., clerical employees).
  • Managerial and non-managerial personnel.
  • Skilled Manpower Deployment (permanent & Temporary )
  • Unskilled Manpower Deployment (permanent & Temporary )